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The path of 42

Today’s 42 GmbH began with the founding of Hoffstiepel EDV-Beratung by Thomas Hoffstiepel in November 1989. After initially serving a very broad spectrum in the field of trade software, the still very young company quickly specialized in the restaurant and hotel sector.

A major milestone in the company’s history was partnering up with
protel hotelsoftware GmbH very early on, back in 1995. Also a very young company back then, protel has since grown into a market-leading provider thanks to its innovative Windows-based solution (which was laughed at back in the day).

The next crucial partnership was collaboration with Forty-Three GmbH and its extremely flexible Matrix POS cash register software solution since 2001.

2002 saw the beginning of a partnership in the field of materials management with the also still young KOST Software GmbH. Cooperation continued to grow through many successful joint projects. Today, KOST is the leading product management system in the restaurant, hotel and group catering sector.

Other areas include video monitoring and secure Internet, for example. You can trust 42 to include only the best results in the industry in your portfolio here as well.

One of the most crucial features its the one-of-a-kind service 42 is well known for. Many customers say this is one of the most decisive reasons for their purchase

Carrying out our own in-house software development since 2011 has resulted in the creation and programming of additional modules for
Matrix POS.

42 sees itself as a service company in a service industry. A very large number of our employees have studied hotel or restaurant management and are familiar with the precise needs of customers. This is the key to our success.

After almost 25 years, the company has grown to employ more than 50 people, and this number continues to grow…

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