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Banquet management with protel Banquet is easy, fast and seamlessly integrated. Perfectly plan events of any type and size

A hotel’s banquet division is responsible for planning and organizing events of every type. From private discussions to conferences with several hundred participants, from short discussions to multi-day conferences, from family parties to gala dinners, a wide variety of different rooms, an event’s seating arrangements, amenities and meal plans need to be prepared and set up on time.

The only way this works successfully is through meticulous scheduling that takes even the smallest detail into account: Is the seating arrangement appropriate? Does the room have the right kind of technical equipment, and is it complete and functional? Is the signage for the conference room properly hung?

The flexible and mobile software solutions from protel support the event planner in staging the event in a professional way and give them the time they need to take care of the most important thing: providing personal attention to guests.

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Multifunctional planning tool

  • Manage events of any kind and size
  • If necessary, make room reservation directly
  • Automatically accept travel groups as participants in an event
  • Interdepartmental Collaboration without changing the system
  • Book logistics and banquet services

Generate functions automatically

  • Function sheets for a smooth process are created automatically
  • Accurate information about guests, process, menu, media etc.
  • Individually customizable for each department

Room plans in protel banquet

Create room plans from protel banquet and show your guests how the space is put.
Also internally there are no misunderstandings regarding the setup.

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