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Spirits are high…

…and the bar is packed. YOU can tend to your guests without stress.

Thanks to complete integration of Matrix into the dispensing technology, every drink is logged precisely down to the last drop.
You can work in debit, credit or mixed mode. Orders are logged to the respective table or room.

Simplicity is the top priority, though. What’s the use of a dispensing unit with a cash register connected if no-one can operate it? Logging at the cash register or dispensing unit is just as fast and easy. Just a few clicks produce the desired result.

Controlling through electronic dispensing systems

42 GmbH is the exclusive sales partner of Gruber Schanksysteme in Germany outside of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. In Bavaria, Gruber Schanksysteme stands ready to serve you, and in North Rhine-Westphalia, tapdata GmbH handles your needs.

We know our stuff! It’s a pithy statement, and it’s true. In addition to our restaurant and hotel professionals, we have top-level IT specialists on board to tend to your needs. It’s the mix that matters! Concentrated expertise meets here, and you’re the one who benefits. If you choose a computer dispensing unit from Gruber Schanksysteme, you’ll never lose another drop.

As we like to say: KOST controls, Gruber dispenses and Matrix writes the check.

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