Everything at a glance, everything goes right

A fantastic mood, a full bar and servers in action all the time make for a relaxed host who can fully dedicate their efforts to their guests. Naturally, with the full support of the computer-controlled dispensing unit.

The dispensing unit of the VISO S series


With the new VISO S-series from Gruber Schankanlage, you get perfect dispensing control. A timeless design and clear line management adapt themselves to any existing setting without disruption or distraction. Incorporation into the intended workplace occurs seamlessly and without compromise. Control and success, perfectly matched to the individual needs of the restaurant sector. This characterizes the new VISO family in line with the motto “designed for extra profit.” This claim is also supported by the Latin word VISO, meaning to “see precisely” or “everything in view.”

The simplicity and user-friendliness of these computer-controlled system set new standards. A combined button-and-display interface makes it possible for everyone to work without making errors and to quickly process drink orders from guests. The constant desire for new and unique drink blends can always be handled by the VISO S series, which portions and bills every drink with precision.

VISO Beer Tower

Design, functionality and tap performance have been combined in the VISO Beer Tower. Such a beer tower, when integrated in keeping with the style of the establishment, lends a bar character. The combination of a traditional beer on tap, our many years of tap expertise and the advantages we have gained through all our experience offers you a host of benefits. Drawing a “perfect beer” is child’s play for anyone thanks to adjustable speeds and quantity limits.

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