Matrix MAX

When it comes down to it.

We can’t offer you summer and sun, but our powerful Matrix POS cash register system ensures improved and more effective service. Matrix POS supports all Orderman hand-held units, such as the Matrix Max, for faster and more guest-oriented working, especially on outside terraces. Thanks to time-saving processes, servers have more time for guests. Portable ordering terminals (aka hand-held units) from Orderman, such as the Max, Max2 and Max2+, work seamlessly together with the Matrix POS cash register system and make it possible to generate considerably more sales from satisfied guests.


In the service sector, “immediate” is a buzzword. Using portable hand-held units like the Matrix Max, servers record the orders of their guests in the system immediately and wirelessly. These orders are then processed directly in the kitchen and at the bar while guests are still being tended to. This optimizes processes and relieves the service staff, so you gain more time for actual service and peace for guests, which results in more sales.


The Matrix MAX hand-held unit was developed with a time-tested style, where the innovative technology is given an interface which communicates with the user in a very self-explanatory way. It’s technology that adapts to people, not the other way around.


The portable Matrix MAX hand-held unit thinks along with you. Logical queries within ordering processes optimize service speed and rule out mistakes. Forget about unnecessary “clicking” through countless levels! A steak and baked potato, medium of course, with an extra side of onions, please. No problem. Even individual order changes can be recorded using the Matrix MAX ordering terminal, which then appear directly on the order slips output in the kitchen.

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