protel Housekeeping

The iPod/iPhone app for housekeepers and technical staff at the company

  • Native app for iPhones, iPods and iPads
  • Online or offline
  • Login via protel login
The native app for the Apple iPod touch or iPhone links housekeepers, company technical staff and the front office team and accelerates the exchange of information for all questions revolving around room status.

All data is continuously compared via protel. In areas of the hotel without WLAN coverage, the app switches to offline mode and updates itself automatically as soon as it is online again.

  • Housekeeping list: Check and change the occupied status (occupied or available) and the room status (clean, dirty, used, cleaning in progress and checked)
  • Repair jobs: Create, receive and process jobs, take and add pictures from the app or new ones with the iPod/iPhone
  • Lost & Found: Create and edit entries, take and add pictures with the iPod/iPhone. Found items are displayed directly in the front office
  • Traces: Fast access to the tasks (protel Traces) of every department

protel Housekeeping in the Apple AppStore


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