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Cashlogy - Intelligent Cash Management

Cash is still the most popular way of payment, but handling cash involves risks. Cashlogy POS1500/X, the intelligent technology for cash payments at the point of sale, automates, secures, and simplifies all cash processes and is characterized by ease of operation and maintenance. Whether in restaurants, bakeries, or retail stores – the satisfaction of your employees and guests is guaranteed.

And best of all: as with our computer-controlled dispensing systems, the purchase of Cashlogy pays for itself after a short time!

Secure and simple

Cashlogy has been tested and validated by the European Central Bank. Minimize the risk of accepting counterfeit money thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Automated processes eliminate human error.

In addition, training is extremely quick and easy, as Cashlogy is equipped with intuitive, color-coded user guidance. Thanks to its ease of use, the system can be used by both permanent employees and temporary staff. Sophisticated rights management ensures clear access to the cash.

Compact and reliable

Thanks to the intelligent technology, the Cashlogy models always give the correct change. What’s more, you always have enough cash because the device registers how many coins and banknotes are available.

The customer can pay flexibly with any denomination from 1 cent to 500 euros. Security reserves can also be freely configured.

Thanks to its compact design, the system can be conveniently integrated into all business areas.

Fast and hygienic

Cashlogy minimizes the cash contact of your employees and thus ensures the fast and clean processing of transactions. With Cashlogy, you as a shopkeeper save valuable time when settling accounts and cash register discrepancies are a thing of the past – your cash register is always correct.
Your employees experience a relief through the automated processes and can take care of other things. They no longer have to touch cash, as customers feed their cash directly to the machine. A big plus in terms of hygiene! What’s more, you can easily integrate your Cashlogy into the counter.

Cashlogy App

Gain more time for yourself by staying on top of things with your cell phone. With the Cashlogy app, you get information about the status of your cash, daily updated transactions, statistics and notifications about incidents in real time and you can create different users to access this information.

Why Cashlogy?
Full control at all times – The cash register is always correct!
Better working climate and a hygienic working environment
Faster transactions and optimization of cash processes lead to time and money savings
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