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Easy Invoice – the protel eBilling interface to baVel

Easy Invoice allows you the handing over of billing details between your hotel management system protel and the software package baVel designed by the the e-billing specialist Voxel and thus the fully automated invoice creation and dispatch. The interface developed by 42 GmbH translates the data from protel into a baVel readable format. The export takes place by every single invoice.

This export module includes defined posting details such as invoice number with the addition ‚debit‘ or ‚credit‘, posting reference, posting text and posting date as well as the posting reference.

The interface transfers all the information that is needed by baVel to fiscalise the invoice. Furthermore the e-billing provider Voxel is able to set reminder level and send reminder letters.

E-billing is either available for b2c-business for your company guests as well as b2b-business for organizer und booking platforms.


Elektronischer Rechnungsexport Easy Invoice, e-billing
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