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KOST – The all-in-one system

The software solution for hotels, the hospitality industry and group catering

From a materials-management perspective, transparency is linked to expenditure, beginning with product purchasing and ending with the menu. KOST Business Software enables the efficient and seamless collection of all relevant information, beginning with the purchase.

Whether it’s acquisition, quality management, production or management, KOST Business Software provides suitable functions for every organizational and management process. All functions are linked to one another in a database. This guarantees a continuous flow of information. Every function is adapted to processes in the restaurant sector in a practice-oriented way and can be edited and controlled in a user-friendly way.

It’s comprehensive reports and analyses make KOST Business Software an efficient tool for controlling. Integration of the German Federal Foodstuffs Code (BLS, Bundeslebensmittelschlüssel) into the database and a large number of interfaces, such as with bookkeeping programs, the proprietary cashless payment system and additional systems from other companies, also increase KOST’s performance capabilities. Thanks to its modular design and configurability, KOST can be precisely adapted to the needs of the business.

Thanks to near-complete integration of Matrix POS into KOST materials management, item maintenance has become sustainably simplified. The item master, for example, is only created in KOST. As a result, the Matrix POS always uses the most current data.

If you plan to survive the competition in the future, you’re going to have to optimize “KOSTs” and income.

B2B (Business to Business)

The standardized B2B communication with the suppliers enables the exchange of purchase-relevant data such as catalogs, prices, orders, delivery notes and invoices. A time-saving and reliable flow of information is thereby ensured.

Warehouse management

All goods movements can be recorded and current stock levels can be identified. Inventories and relocations can be carried out with the help of portable devices (PDAs) saving time. The labeling module can be used to create labels in any shape and design.

purchasing organization

Through supplier catalogs and the KOST product database  you can add the Sales articles. This is a time-saver. Afterwards you assign them to the different cost centers.
An efficient ordering system, the incoming goods inspection according to defined criteria, the partly automated invoice control and detailed delivery statistics make the procurement process transparent and precisely monitorable. This saves time and, above all, costs!

Reports, statistics and analyzes

KOST offers many detailed reports, statistics and analyzes. The values can be forwarded to various accounting systems. The transfer can be made to SAP® via SAP PI or Business Connector.
Business periods are closed with the sliding period change.

Recipes & amp; quality management

Recipes are essential for the control of the goods. With the quality management and QM / HACCP control options KOST ensures a good and constant quality of the products and a harmonization of the processes. This ensures the satisfaction of your customers and guests!
In KOST, all values concerning the labeling requirement of Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 (LMIV) can be mapped. The values can be taken from the KOST product database.

Wine cellar management

For the optimal management of wine cellars, a lot of information is needed (eg for the sale, printing of wine lists, for creating shelf labels, for the telephone sales, the online shop, etc.) In the wine cellar administration of KOST all relevant information is collected at the extended Master databas.

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