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The cash register in your hand that’s always close to the customer.

Matrix NEO! is the perfect supplement to your existing Matrix POS cash register system. As one of the few cash register apps available, Matrix NEO! enables payment with EC and credit cards directly at the table. Matrix NEO! is portable and handy thanks to its being used on tablets and Android smartphones, yet everything you need to know is always available at a glance using the Matrix NEO! room overview, for example.

Matrix NEO! Features
  • Ordering
  • Quick keys for the most frequently needed items
  • Various discount options
  • Flexible price and text entry
  • Item details (e.g. cooking level, side dishes etc.)
  • Modifiable room overview
  • Check splitting
  • Identification with transponder cards via NFC
  • Payment (including with EC/credit card and PIN*)
  • Various billing types (customer database, hotel connection etc.)
  • Check printing with Bluetooth printers*
  • Recreating checks
  • Configurable function buttons

Plus: Support and updates for Matrix NEO! are already included in the monthly license fee.

You will need an existing Matrix POS environment to use Matrix NEO!. We would also be happy to provide you with suitable Android hardware. Let us know!

You can also find more information about our mobile cash register system at

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