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Mission statement?

Or a desire for reality:

Mission statements are controversial both in theory and in practice, and it’s not clear whether they actually achieve what they’re supposed to: provide orientation to employees. Oftentimes, they’re either too general or they’re not supported by everyone.

Not so with us – Our mission statement includes clear objectives:

We offer products which either make our customers’ work considerably easier, provide them with cost benefits and/or are advantageous for their guests.

We guarantee our customers continuous development and advancement of our solutions. This is why we are continually expanding our portfolio with solutions which offer just that: a greater advantage!

42’s mission statement

  • We are a service company which provides complete individual IT solutions across the full spectrum of the hotel and restaurant sector.
  • We offer the best individual components available on the market.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so our objective is for
    • customers to not have to worry about technology and software anymore.
      This means:
      – Simple solutions custom tailored to each individual business.
      – Reliable and unobtrusive technology that facilitates everyday business for our customers.
  • To ensure this reliability, we as an industry insider live to satisfy the high quality demands of our customers.
  • The expectations of our customers determine the motivation of our entire team.
    • When selecting and qualifying our employees, what counts is a high level of always up-to-date specialist knowledge, as well as fair and friendly dealings with our customers, who are attentive to and dedicated to addressing their concerns.
  • We continually invest in the qualifications of our employees.
  • We treat employees and business partners in an open and fair way.
  • To us, a long-term, sustainable positive relationship trumps short-term success.

Bottom line: Our goal is the worry-free use of our products by customers.

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