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Chilli Club in Bremen, Germany

Lightning-fast service increases sales

Guests at the Chilli Club in Bremen are served in a flash with Orderman hand-held units. This increases both customer satisfaction and sales. With the Matrix POS cash register system, owners can call up important figures anytime.

chilli1At the Chilli Club in Bremen, 120 seats and 100 bar places are generously spread out over an area of around 500 square meters.  In the summer, the establishment features around 250 additional seats on the terrace. If dry white wine or a cocktail shaken with ice is to arrive to the customer freshly cooled, the service staff have to work quickly. Instead of taking orders with a pen and pad of paper and covering long distances back to the cash register as per usual, they enter the orders into portable Orderman brand hand-held units.

The calculator-sized Max2 unit makes order taking considerably easier: The order goes straight to the kitchen or bar with 100% “order slip reliability.” The payment process is just as simple. The touch of a finger on the corresponding button prints out the check at a stationary or belt-carried printer unit. EC cards can also be read right at the table by the Orderman, making additional special readers unnecessary. To boot, the whole system also works across longer distances thanks to extremely reliable wireless technology.

The “cocktail card” is also especially popular at the Chilli Club right now. This is a personalized plastic card for regular customers. The Orderman automatically detects the guest being served and gives them special discounts on cocktails, even outside happy hour. Chilli Club guests appreciate this small acknowledgment of their loyalty.


In July 2010, the Chilli Club opened up its doors in Bremen with a modern Asian brasserie style which had already been met with success at Hafen City in Hamburg.

Michael Maier, co-owner of Gastro-Consulting and the Chilli Club: “We’re able to serve our guests without longer wait times. This increases both satisfaction and sales.”

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