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Wellness Hotel Pabst, Juist

Guest surveys make successful marketing planning possible

The Wellness Hotel Pabst wanted to have a tool for determining customer satisfaction. These days, the company uses iiQ-Check as an analysis tool for effective quality management. iiQ-Check enables you to identify trends in a timely manner and helps to optimize services in a targeted way.
Did guests enjoy their stay? How do they rate the quality of hotel services? What about the expertise and friendliness of employees? Are competitors rated higher? These are all questions that hotel operators have to ask themselves time and again if they want to effectively identify and utilize optimization or marketing potential.

The question is, how can guests be surveyed in a quick and unobtrusive way? A solution is provided by the iiQ-Check survey and analysis tool, for which the experts at 42 GmbH developed an interface with hotel management software from protel.

Easy to use

The required guest data is sent from the hotel database to the iiQ company through the iiQ interface from protel, a partner of 42. iiQ then sends out the online surveys to guests. The survey itself is tailored to the needs of the respective hotel originator and corresponds to their CI. Guests receive a personalized message with the survey by email. Those who prefer to participate anonymously can also submit their answers directly using the hotel’s website. Depending on the hotel type, the response rate is between 10 and 40 percent. At the end of the survey period, iiQ completes a detailed analysis based on all the answers received. The most important analyses and marketing data, as well as the frequency with which they are carried out and sent, are up to the individual hotel operator.
A benchmarking function also enables the hotel management to directly compare service with comparable hotels

Joh. J. Pabst und Christel M. Pabst, Inhaber Wellness-Hotel Pabst

“We appreciate that the survey and reporting tool is easy to use. Benchmarks continuously motivate us to improve our quality.”

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